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Sabiura Marine Park Research Station

c@lCZ^[ KYC Sabiura Marine Park Research Station launched the research in 1969, for the conservation of the natural environment, and for the diffusion of the better use of Kushimoto Marine Park. The survey of the precious ecosystems and the investigation of the environmental conservation have been carried out at the laboratory.


Investigation and Research / The investigation to conserve creature's habitat such as a coral reef or tideland have been continued. Contract research and investigation with the Ministry of the Environment and the local government, the long-term research of the marine life such as a coral or a sea turtle has been carried out. These results are useful for the coastal sea area conservation.
Enlightenment activities / Marine School and Snorkeling School have been held as the activities for the citizens to understand natural environment conservation and to get familiar with the nature.

Sabiura Marine Park Research Station
1157 Arita, Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama-ken,
649-3514, Japan
TEL +81-735-62-4875 FAX +81-735-62-4875

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