■ About Marine Park
System and Concept of Marine Park in Japan.
■ Park Map
Map of KMP, Guide of Facilities.
■ Information
Hours of Operation, Ticket Prices, Access/Directions.
■ History and Outline
History and Outline of Kushimoto Marine Park Center Inc.
■ Links
Sites related to Japanese Aquariums, and Sites for Sightseeing of Wakayama.

KUSHIMOTO MARINE PARK is the first marine park established in Japan. The park located along Sabiura Coast in Kushimoto, where is the southern-most point of Honshu, Mainland of Japan. Kuroshio Current washes the coast, sea water is clear and warm all the year round. In the sea, a lot of corals and colorful tropical fishes constitute a beautiful underseascapes. Many coral reef creatures are living among the coral colonies and they form the northern-most coral reef ecosystem in the world.
Kushimoto coral communities were registered on the Ramsar Convention in 2005.

■ About Marine Park
The system and the concept of Marine Park in Japan are introduced.
■ Park Map
Guides of aquarium, underwater tower, underwater sightseen boat, Diving Park, restaurant and laboratory.
■ Underwater Tunnel
The tank of 1,250 tons. Underwater tunnel of 24 meters.
■ Stella Maris
Staffs guide the sea registered in Ramsar Convention with semi-submarine "Stella Maris".
■ Sea Turtle Park
Cute baby turtles and big turtles of over 100kg in weight are waiting for you. You can also feed turtles.
■ Underseascapes in Kushimoto
Corals grow thickly, colorful fish swim about among them.
■ Undersea Tower
At the bottom of the sea of 6.3m in depth, blue and clear world spreads out. Tropical fishes swim about among corals.
■ Marine Life of Kushimoto
Marine life of Kushimoto is introduced in due order from lower creatures to higher creatures.

Kushimoto Marine Park Center Ltd.
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649-35, Japan
Tel. +81-735-62-1122 Fax. +81-735-62-4875

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