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All the apparatuses and facilities are prepared for the skin and SCUBA divers. The underwater trail is settled in front of the Diving Park, and diving boat takes the divers to many good diving spots around the Marine Park.
Visitors also can take up their lodgings at log-house style cabins in the diving park.

Kushimoto is a leading diving spot in Honshu, Mainland of Japan. Water temperature is less lower than 15 °C, even in the midwinter as the warm ocean current "Kuroshio" flows off the coast. Despite the location in the high-latitude of 33° north, 120 species of corals and a lot of tropical marine life are living..

Diving Boat "Nereis" / Nereis is the high-speed diving cruiser. Nereis takes you to the diving spots over 20 spots. Choose favorite spot.

Boat departure time 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00
Beach Spot / Front of Diving Park is the spot of typical table coral communities. The undersea trail is set up in the bottom of the sea.

The clear sky, the blue sea, the pleasant sound of waves and comfortable time. Forget hustle and bustle of the cities and relax in a log house commanding a view of the Pacific Ocean.
All the cottages are log houses made in Finland. Cottage has large living room, dining, the loft and the terrace. Use not only for diving but also for sightseeing and the leisure.

Kushimoto Diving Park
1157 Arita, Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama-ken,
649-3514, Japan
TEL +81-735-62-6091 FAX +81-735-62-5191

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