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Aquarium Kushimoto Marine Park is directly affected by the warm ocean current "Kuroshio" coming far from off the Philippines, so that a lot of tropical and subtropical marine life such as colorful fishes and corals can been seen. The beautiful underseascape of Kushimoto Marine Park and marine life living there is reproduced faithfully in this aquarium.

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of Kushimoto Marine Park
Underseascape Kushimoto Marine Park
The typical underseascape of Kushimoto Marine Park is reproduced in this tank. Natural seawater and sunlight are taken in this tank abundantly. Visitors can see 100 species of marine life such as fishes and corals living in Kushimoto Marine Park in the almost natural conditions.

Marine Life of Kushimoto
Marine Life of Kushimoto
Various marine life of Kushimoto are introduced in classification of the order. Maine Creatures are here.

Marine Art Gallery
Marine Art Gallery
Underseawater photographs and the works which designed marine life are displayed.

Baby of Green turtle
Sea Turtle Park
3 species of sea turtles seen around Kushimoto are swimming at Sea Turtle Pool. There is a breeding space at the side of this pool, and many sea turtles are born here every year.

Underwater Tunnel
Underwater Tunnel Aquarium
The large tunnel-style seawater tank of 1,250 metric tons is for sharks, rays and bluefins. Enjoy a underwater sense in the tunnel of the length 24m.

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